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Songs For a Practical Day

  1. Hello Have a Fine Day- this is a song that is great for the transition of entering the classroom to sitting in circle time.  The song practices saying hello in several different languages, the children love to sing it!
  2. Celebration of Life- this is a fun announcement of is a student’s birthday and that a celebration is about to begin.
  3. Strummin’ Path- great for walking on the line in class or even to play in the background while the class is working.
  4. Ebb and Flow- a beautiful, peaceful song to calm children after energetic activities or just to play in the background while the children work.
  5. Walk the Line- this is a fun activity song that can be used while walking on the line or just during circle time. The children listen to the body action they are to act out together.
  6. People Do Their Jobs- a song to participate in during circle and can be used as an extension while discussing the theme of community workers.
  7. Intro - 365 Days in a Year
  8. Days and Planets- this informative song gives not only the names of the days of the week but goes even further by explaining their meanings in a lyrical way. This is a great song to introduce when teaching the calendar.
  9. 12 Months in a Year – an entertaining song that can be used during calendar time to sing the names of the months in their sequential order.
  10. Manners Are So Cool- the beginning of the school year can be a great time to focus on using manners.  This song sings about what manner words we should use and ways to use them in and outside of the classroom.
  11. Intro - Seasons Rock
  12. Seasons Rock- this upbeat song describes the season’s names, activities and weather that relates to each.
  13. Roll Your Rug- a rug is used in a classroom to signify a child’s personal work/play area. After a child is done working they need to “roll their rug up”, this song teaches children how to do this in a fun lyrical way.
  14. Intro - Pangaea and the 7 Continents
  15. Continents- all children love learning about the land around the globe.  This continent song sings the names and the loveable animals that originate there.  Use this song to teach children the names of the continents as you point to them on a globe/map while you listen to it.
  16. Continents - Video Version
  17. Lizzy the Lizard- this is an amusing song to listen to as a group.  Once the children know the song well enough it is fun to ad-lib their own lyrics!
  18. Dinosaurs- what child does not love dinosaurs?! This song discusses the names and the characteristics of the dinosaurs.  This is a great song to introduce as an extension to a dinosaur theme in a classroom or at home.
  19. Goodbye Have a Fine Day- this is song that is great for the transition from working in the classroom to ending the day.  The song practices saying good-bye in several different languages. Children and parents alike will love singing this song throughout the practical day.

Songs for a Practical Day

–  Hello Have a Fine Day
–  Celebration of Life
–  People Do Their Jobs
–  Intro - 365 Days in a Year
–  Days and Planets
–  12 Months in a Year
–  Manners Are So Cool
–  Seasons Rock
–  Roll Your Rug
–  Intro - Pangaea and the 7 Continents
–  Continents
–  Continents - Video Version
–  Lizzy the Lizard
–  Dinosaurs
–  Goodbye Have a Fine Day

Skipping Through Multiplication

–  1 To 100

–  Don't Fearo the Zero
–  1 Times

–  Count by Two's

–  Skipping 2's
–  Count 3's
–  Skip 4's
–  Rock n' Roll Counting 5's
–  skipping 6's
–  7's
–  8's to the Beat
–  Skip 9's
–  10's to 100
–  Eleven My Friend
–  It's Twelve