Songs for a Practical Day

In 2005, the papaGG's daughter started pre-school at Montessori in the Park School. As papaGG got to know the teachers and the Montessori program at the school, the teachers, Tara Mott and Danielle McEuen, shared their need for some clever, catchy music to support the program.  papaGG learned about Montessori "Practical Life" activities, and collaborated with Tara and Danielle to create "Songs for a Practical Day".

"Practical Life activities are the activities of everyday life and they are involved in all aspects of life. Through practical life the child learns about his culture and all about what it is to be human."  Montessori Guide - 

Skipping Through Multiplication

"Skipping Through Multiplication" is creative music that helps children to learn their multiplication tables via "skip counting". Using the songs during early elementary school years (grades 1-3) will help children to learn through multiplication through music.

Helping Children Learn Through Music

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